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Senior citizens are not immune to credit card debt but there are ways to manage it as explained by National Debt Relief in a recent article. The material published May 8, 2017 and titled “Credit Card Debt and Age: What Happens When Seniors Can No Longer Pay Their Debts?” talks about payment options older people have when they are trying to manage huge credit card payments.

The article starts off by pointing out that the Baby Boomer generation is now easing into the retirement phase of their life. However, as this happens, the consumer debt in the country is also increasing. This leads to a good number of retirees who would still be worrying about credit card debt.

One of the ways senior citizens can pay off their credit card debt is to get help from family members. The article explains that it does not automatically mean that they will ask for money. There are times that having someone to talk to can help. Sometimes, family members can help manage payments for senior citizens to make sure that everything is paid in time.

The article also shares that refinancing an existing home mortgage can also be a good idea in paying off credit card debt. However, senior citizens need to carefully weigh this option. Apart from running the risk of losing their home in case they default on the payment, they might have a few years to go with the payment on the house before paying it off. Refinancing restarts this repayment period and it would take a lot of years again to pay it back.

Another option older consumers have is to consider the services of a legitimate and trusted debt relief company. Such companies can help consumers by negotiating with credit card companies to lower the total balance owed.This can undoubtedly alleviate any financial stress and anxiety they have.

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