San Francisco Intern Creates the Internet's Product Graveyard

The Internet's Product Graveyard

The Internet’s Product Graveyard

The whimsical website keeps track of over a thousand discontinued products and a selection of featured “obituaries”.

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Product Graveyard– a fun way to keep track of and commemorate memorable products that have been shut down, has recently come to life. The site was designed by Duong Nguyen while working as a growth summer intern at San Francisco based company Siftery.

The whimsical website keeps track of over a thousand discontinued software products and a selection of featured “obituaries”. Featured Obituaries include products like Netscape browser, Sunrise Calendar, Yik Yak, Vine, and the recently departed Juicero. Each obituary includes biographical data about the product (Cause of Death, Lifespan, Remembered for), a list of popular alternatives, and a place for users to write a funny story or eulogy of the deceased product.

For example, the Juicero obituary reads in part, “Remembered for: Raising $120M and being beaten to a pulp by the press in Summer 2017.” Dozens of users have from across the world have shared stories about their favorite products. Others added funny comments such as this one from “Mark”: “I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend your funeral, but I wanted you to know that I approve of it.”

To pay your respects to the deceased products or contribute your own eulogy, visit the graveyard at

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