Cappex Offers Most Popular College Admission Application without Fees

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“The addition of a college admissions application to Cappex lets students complete the entire college match and college application process on a single platform,” says Alex Stepien, CEO of Cappex.

The Cappex Application has earned its place as the number one free college admissions application platform in the United States. It ranks second among all multi-college admissions application platforms, with 144 participating colleges.

The Cappex Application is the only multi-college application that does not charge any application fees.

The participating colleges agreed to waive application fees for students who use the Cappex Application. They also give the Cappex Application the same consideration as all other applications. It’s a win-win for colleges and students.

“Cappex has been a great partner for Manhattanville College,” said Joe Cosentino, Director of Admissions. “Cappex is a one-stop shop, letting students explore, discover, connect and apply for admission at a single web site.”

The Cappex Application is growing as more colleges and universities realize the benefits of streamlining the path from college search to college application. About half of all college-bound high school seniors use to find the right college and search for scholarships, so the Cappex Application naturally makes it easier for students to apply for admission.

“The addition of a college admissions application to Cappex lets students complete the entire college match and college application process on a single platform,” said Alex Stepien, CEO of Cappex. “We think this will be a game changer in simplifying the college decision process for students and families.”

The Cappex Application also is easier for students to use than other application platforms because:

  • Students can prefill the Cappex Application with information from their Cappex user profiles, letting them skip some questions.
  • The responsive user interface intelligently adapts to all devices used to access the application, whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • The Cappex Application is a single standard application that can be used to apply to many colleges. The Cappex Application uses the same core essay prompts for every college.
  • The Cappex Application eliminates redundant questions that are not needed for college admissions decisions. The Cappex Application has about a fifth fewer questions than other application platforms.
  • Students can log in with a single sign-on, instead of needing to create a new account and memorize yet another password for their college applications.
  • The Cappex Application is automatically saved after each application question, so nothing is lost if the student’s work is interrupted.


With more than 9 million registered student users, is one of the most popular web sites about planning and paying for college. About half of college-bound high school seniors use as their college decision headquarters. is a one-stop destination that helps students (and parents) make smarter decisions about college admissions and financial aid by providing free and easy-to-use tools for the college discovery, application, decision and payment process. simplifies the college admissions process by making it easy for students to find the right colleges, read detailed college reviews by current college students, compare colleges, plan college visits, discover their college admission chances, search for scholarships and apply for college admission.


Mark Kantrowitz

Publisher and VP of Strategy

Cappex, LLC



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