Terminally Ill Artist "Lewi" set to Release Debut Single

This is 'Lewi'

“I have Cystic Fibrosis; It doesn’t have me.” Says Wisconsin Rapper Lewi, who is set to release his debut single World-Wide December 14th via iTunes, Spotify & all digital platforms

“Lewi is one of the best lyricists I’ve heard and his style reminds me of the angst of early Eminem. He’s got what it takes to make it.” Says Damion “Damizza” Young

“I’m literally the sickest rapper you’ve ever heard”, says Lewi with his mischievous grin. The 23-year-old Wisconsin native has Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects about 70,000 people world-wide. “I want to spread awareness about CF. But, I have CF it doesn’t have me – so I see it as an opportunity through adversity. I’ll just use it to OUR benefit (those affected by CF) to open doors to awareness & use my music to bring all people together,” Lewi states from a studio on the “American Rivera” aka Santa Barbara, California.

Nevertheless, Lewi is a young businessman with a hustlers mentality. For his first deal Lewi links up with legend for distribution and promotion. Damion “Damizza” Young & his new joint-venture Langley West with partner Ramon “Lil’ Bams” Cardanes (who is also featured on the song). “Lewi is with us, put simply, because he’s great at what he does & is a star. CF was only the gateway. If I didn’t see his Instagram and him recording in a hospital (with portable recording studio), this wouldn’t normally catch my attention so fast, but…how creative is that? He is hooked up to an IV drip of antibiotics in a hospital while making songs & even an entire music video. It shows a different kind of dedication to ones craft & takes it to a whole other level,” said Damizza

And Damizza isn’t just any legend with an over-sized opinion. His past collabs’ have attracted names and sales. As well as a distribution deal with RBC/Ingrooves/Universal. Just on Damizza’s Instagram alone (@Damizza) you can see him with everyone from Michael Eisner (former head of Disney), to one of his idols: Virgin’s Richard Branson. As well as world Leaders such as Former VPOTUS Al Gore to Mexican El’ President’ Vicente’ Fox. But, if we’re talking just credits alone? Then Damion has done it all & continues: “It all has been a humbling experience and I’m thankful I can at least use the past to help future talent; or at least help foster it’s growth in these young artists & young people. We have a shortage of mentors, lack of programs at critical ages, and in this day & time apprenticeship is a lost art.”

“Damion has had his hand in Trillions (that’s right, with a ‘T”) of combined radio spins, social media impressions, sales & has worked or knows/met literally everyone; and I’m so honored to be my first release on Langley West with him & Bams,” Lewi says.

Damizza has been in the music business 30 years and has produced/worked with Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Disney, Puff Daddy, Eminem & EA Sports; even had music featured in the Fast N’ Furious movie franchise. Damizza has produced, promoted or been featured on over a billion records with the likes of Mariah Carey, Migos, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & Korn.

“I have been very lucky to see and be a part of a lot of history,” Damizza says… “I hope to see more history made & am confident enough Lewi’s talent to take care of that.”

“And heck, if I get rich, we WILL find a cure,” says Lewi. But, with his medical costs (Lewi spends 2 weeks every other month in the hospital) this year alone, hopefully we can sell some records, get out of debt & make it a great X-mas for other CF patients. Damizza & Bams not only didn’t charge to be featured, but are donating 100% of their proceeds to the cause from their personal sales; It’s a hard time for healthcare and that was nice of them to do. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where I or ANY CF patient simply can’t afford treatment anymore – THAT is a scary thought in this current political climate”.

The single release date of December 14th has a special significance to Lewi. It was the date his Mother past from complications of Cancer in 2014. “Lewi has had a tough life. But, how he carries himself you would never know it. Always a smile & the most positive attitude,” said Bams.

Damizza adds, “we wanted to call out the big guns & give Lewi the best shot as a label possible, so we tapped super-producer Paul Cabbin (Chris Brown, Wiz Kalifa & Ty $) who was a perfect fit.” Paul produced the Lewi single “FWU”.

Lewi’s first single “FWU” will drop December 14th via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & ALL digital platforms including on his website: http://www.itslewi.com

Contact Press Agent Jessica Lino for all interview requests for Lewi, Bams & Damizza.

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