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The Tailored Group

Enthusiasm, according to the Tailored Group is contagious.

The Tailored Group spends a large amount of time investing in the entrepreneurial development of its workforce but has this week decided to go back to basics and discuss the traits linked to sales success. The firm is a strong believer that success in sales is determined by four key things and hope that once its workforce can master these they will begin to exceed their targets. More importantly, it is a firm advocate of the idea that sales is one of the key foundations in any entrepreneur arguing that if someone cannot sell a product, they probably cannot sell themselves. With this in mind, The Tailored Group hope its most recent workshop will give each of its sales reps the knowledge they need to improve themselves.

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1)    The Tailored Group argues that an individual honestly has to believe and feel what they are selling is worthwhile. When an individual has the conviction that they are selling a good product, then they will have more enthusiasm to sell. Enthusiasm, according to the Tailored Group is contagious.

2)    The firm also implores its workforce not to be impatient. Too many inexperienced salespeople quit if they don’t get immediate results. It takes time for people to gain confidence in a salesperson or their products.

3)    The Tailored Group also urge each contractor to be themselves. Many people attempt to visualize a successful salesperson as a hearty person with an outgoing personality. They then attempt to mimic these traits. The firm believes that trying to replicate archetypes is detrimental to one’s success in the field and think that by demonstrating confidence in one’s self they are more likely to make the sale

4)    The firm has also advised that its workforce does not try to sell by force but utilize a positive and enthusiastic mindset to ensure they make their sales. The company will be spending more time with each representative to ensure they are pitching correctly, but also not trying to push too hard for a sale.

Moving forward, the firm believes that its move back to the basics of sales is significant moving into the Christmas season. As customers’ buying habits change, the company thinks that its sales force needs to revise precisely how they sell to take advantage of this incredibly profitable season.

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